THE CYCLE OF LIFE inspires new works

It is summer now, and the rain’s turn at the hacienda, settling the “creative dust”, replenishing our water sources, and clearing out the air for next year’s programming.

2013 marked our 7th season, and, as often happens after 7 years, I have a certain feeling that a cycle has been completed; and another one begins. Our first seven years were about establishing roots; the new cycle about growing branches and giving fruit. This reminds me of the cycle of life, and transformation, topics that were very much present in all of our alumni’s creative endeavors this year. Whether it was working with animal bones, taxidermy, Monarch butterflies, whale sounds, a 150-year old building or 50-year old trees, the predominant concept behind this year’s projects was to infuse old with new, death with life, muted surroundings with color. Yet, darkness and decay were very much present, just as nature does in every aspect of existence. The result were intriguing artworks that reflected their surroundings, and expressed our current state as humanity.

Amir Rabiyah (USA)
Caroline Doherty (USA)
Chelsea Wills (USA)
Cristina Saez (SPAIN)
Devon Sampson (USA)
Gareth Lichty (CANADA)
Juan D. Perez La Cruz (VENEZUELA)
Kali Arulpragasam (SRI LANKA/UK)
Karla Hernando (MEXICO)
Manuela Covini (GERMANY)
Mary Anne Barkhouse (CANADA)
Millie Chen (CANADA)
Natalie Biesel (USA)
Sheila Ziman (CANADA)
Todd Smith (USA)