THE CYCLE OF LIFE inspires new works

Sheila Ziman (CANADA)


I brought only a few basketry tools to Guapamacatero and no material. It was my intention to make baskets using only those materials I could gather on site or close by. On frequent walks I found a variety of material some of which was similar to plants I use in Canada. I also discovered new vines and other plants and through trial and error was able to use a great deal of it to weave baskets. It was fun to take orders for baskets from the other participating artists who wanted to use them in their installations for the Open House.


Basketry is one of the oldest crafts and it gives me pleasure to connect to that ancient tradition. I particularly enjoy working with materials gathered from nature. I live in a rural area and am active in the Land Trust movement, so appreciating and protecting the natural world around us is extremely important to me. All my material is sustainably harvested.


Sheila Ziman draws inspiration from the Haliburton landscape. She gathers rushes, bark and vines from the forests and waters near her home to craft both functional baskets and sculptural pieces. Sheila is also known for creating unique quillwork designs on birch bark and experimenting in new forms of basket weaving. She shares her extensive knowledge of natural materials and their use in basketry in classes, workshops and demonstrations.