2017 SUMMER Residents Announced!

We are pleased to welcome 8 outstanding professionals into residency at the hacienda this Summer. Their various backgrounds in the arts and sciences will surely provide a very rich platform for new creative developments and collaborations!

S E S S I O N   1 :   M A Y   1 9  –  J U N E   1 2 ,  2 0 1 7

Beth Grossman (USA)
Social Practice, Community Engagement, Participatory Art

Beth Grossman is a socio-political artist, who sees the visual as a way to create community dialog. Her art is a comfortable point of entry into the ongoing dialog about ‘correct’ history, the life-shaping force of religion and the power of social beliefs. The artist takes creative liberty with these charged topics and makes them accessible with beauty and humor. By shifting the context of familiar objects, words and images, she opens them up for fresh examinations that are by turn playful, stimulating and thought provoking.

César Damián (MEXICO)
Photography, Video, Audio, Installation

César Damián (Mexico City) is a visual artist, editor, and a cultural promoter. He did his undergraduate degree in Information Technology and then he studied photography at Scottsdale Community College in Arizona and at the Centro de la Imagen in Mexico City. From 2002 to the present he has participated in diverse exhibitions, projects, and exchange programs in Mexico, Canada, Argentina, and England. He has received several prizes and fellowships for creators, an honorable mention in the 6th Photojournalism Biennial Mexico 2005, was selected for the Calgary-Banff Photography Festival 2007 in Canada, and the Festival de la Luz 2012 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Also he is the founder of FRONDA, a non-profit organization which objective is to promote the creation, exploration, training, exchange and diffusion of interdisciplinary and intercultural art.

Claudia Jeanne do Nascimento (BRAZIL)
Visual Art, Ethnography, Performance

Claudia Jeanne is a Brazilian visual artist known for a colourful realistic style, stripped of classic and traditional aesthetics. She is also known for working with Land Art, commonly using using flowers and other natural materials. She participated in a project of the European Union “The Face of Others” representing Brazil, where she worked with 250 students from all over the world, and residents of Lisbon, Portugal. Currently works with Performance, Graphite and Painting.

José Luis Romero (MEXICO)
Interdisciplinary Art

José Luis Romero is an artist and cultural promoter with over 10 years of experience in interdisciplinary work merging art, science and technology. His work focuses on the exploration of the poetic potential of materials, ideas and concepts which allow us to reflect on the eco-aesthetic-collective context. He is interested in the processes and phenomena of social interaction, based on the principles of altruism and the common good. Since 2008, he’s had a strong interest in establishing an alternative and sustainable model for the creation of projects in the field of contemporary art and culture, which led to the founding of “Arte a 360 Grados AC” (360 Degree Art A. C.), an arts organization which has created the possibility of implementing various paths in cultural management, focusing on the promotion and dissemination of artistic and extra-artistic proposals in Tlaxcala, Mexico. He also works in the Mini-lab interdisciplinary space, located in the community of San Nicolás, also in Tlaxcala, a project that addresses social justice issues. He is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Inter and Transdisciplinary Arts at the Autonomous University of Puebla, Mexico.

Mary Pilon (USA)
Journalism, Screenwriting, Game Design

Mary Pilon is the author of “The Monopolists,” a New York Times bestseller about the history of the board game Monopoly and the forthcoming “The Kevin Show” (Bloomsbury, March 2018). Her work, chiefly about sports, business, and politics, regularly appears in the New Yorker, Esquire, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Vice, New York, and The New York Times, among other publications. In addition to being translated into several languages, “The Monopolists” is currently in development as a feature film by Big Beach, the same producers behind “Little Miss Sunshine” and “Adaptation.” She worked as a producer for NBC Sports at the 2016 Rio Olympics and is currently developing a TV pilot based on her reporting on women in the trucking industry.

Sofia Stella (USA)
Visual Arts, Sculpture, Design

Sofia Stella Hanabergh is a hispanic Florida based artist working in biological illustration, painting, sculpture, story telling and placemaking forms. Intermixing the sciences and the arts in a StudioLab practice to raise awareness of both local and global ecological issues is Sofia’s primary focus. She seeks ways in which human powered journeys through nature form bonds to natural spaces and how through that connection, a sense of stewardship arises within an individual.

S E S S I O N  2 :   J U N E   1 2  –  18 ,  2 0 1 7

Jessika Kenney (USA)
Music, Sound Art

Jessika Kenney is unwinding and nourishing a harbor of voices. As a filter for sphygmoresonances, be they in forms of language or indecipherable metonymics, this functioning as process frequently manifests as: the intersection of melodic science (radifs, cengkok, unstable svaras, pulses) with the aural and textual transmissions of translated concepts… the sphygmological space between breathing bodies, canyons, and the asymmetrical harmonics of tuned metal… the exposure of first intention ontic wounds and corresponding temporal suturing.. as well as collective atemporal eversion between eras, iconicities, and untethered evolutions of cyclic inscriptions. She currently lives on Tataviam land near Los Angeles.

Eyvind Kang (USA)
Music, Sound Art

Eyvind Kang is a composer, violist and conductor who has released many acclaimed albums on labels such as Tzadik, Ipecac, Abduction and Ideologic Organ, as well as worked on hundreds of recordings as an instrumentalist and arranger. His compositions have been played by the Iceland Symphony Orchestra, the Winnipeg Symphony, the Seattle Chamber Players, MG_INC Orchestra, Coro di Camera di Modena, Orchestra del Teatro Communale di Bologna, and the Israeli Contemporary Players, among other ensembles. As a violist he has been featured by a wide range of independent musicians including Bill Frisell, Laurie Anderson, John Zorn, the Sun City Girls, and Secret Chiefs.  Kang has also performed solo pieces by Christian Wolff, Giacinto Scelsi, Ornette Coleman, Satyajit Ray, and Hanne Darboven. His ongoing, genre defying collaboration with composer and singer Jessika Kenney has been described as “serious, refined music”  (The New York Times), taking the form of sound actions and installations, choral and orchestral works, and minimalist vocal and string arrangement, with two releases on Ideologic Organ (2011, 2013) curated by Stephen O’Malley. He has studied North Indian Classical music under Dr. N. Rajam, and is currently a long time student of Classical Persian Music under Ostad Hossein Omoumi, with whom he has also performed and collaborated. His other principal teachers have been Julian Priester, Michael White, Jarrad Powell and Janice Giteck at Cornish College of the Arts, and Dr. Regula Qureshi at the University of Alberta. He was the recipient of the Artist Trust Arts Innovator Award in 2011.

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