YOGA RETREAT: Practicing Presence

August 24 – August 28, 2017.

A mindful movement & meditation retreat which allows you to disconnect from demands and distractions of the everyday, in order to reconnect to your self, others, and nature. Enjoy daily yoga, vegetarian meals, afternoon workshops and evening meditation, as well as time to relax, wander and explore amidst the grounds of the historic Guapamacátaro Hacienda.

About the Facilitator

For more than twenty years Heidi has been guiding individuals through the process of inquiry, self-discovery and authentic expression. She is an artist, teacher, healer and dreamer. Originally from the USA, Heidi has given herself over to her wanderlust and inherent curiosity to travel, study, volunteer, and teach all over the world. Recent adventures have taken her to Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Bali, and Guatemala. Heidi has committed herself to a lifetime of learning about the body, movement, and the integration of the self. She has studied Dance extensively as well as various forms of movement and manual therapies such as: Yoga, Authentic Movement, Contact Improvisation, The Feldenkrais Method, Massage Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, and Energy Work. She holds an MFA in Dance, is a Certified Yoga Therapy Teacher, and a Licensed Massage Therapist.

About Guapamacátaro

The Guapamacátaro Hacienda was built in the late 1800’s and is located in the culturally rich Purepecha region of Mexico (northern Michocán state), 1.5 hours East from Morelia and 2.5 hours West from Mexico City. Nearby towns include Maravatío, Tlalpujahua and El Oro. It has been a family ranch for 4 generations, and an active hub for the cultural and agricultural production of the area. The facilities, set on rural farmland, are comprised of living quarters for up to 10 people, several studios, large common areas and ample outdoor space. Learn more about our facilities here:


$450 US dollars per person before August 1, 2017
$500 US dollars per person after August 1, 2017

Price includes all meals (vegetarian) from Thursday dinner to Monday lunch, unlimited filtered water, 24 hour tea and fruit bar, private accommodations, and participation in all classes and workshops. In an attempt to keep the retreat intimate and personalized we are limiting the number of participants to six. Early registration is highly recommended.

* Primary language of instruction is English, though facilitator can answer questions and give clarifications in Spanish when necessary.

* Two work-trade positions are available for Mexican nationals: 50% discount for 2 hours of work daily.

For more information on work trade positions, and for registration and payment questions, please contact Alicia Marvan at

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