Our program has been around for 15 years, being one of the first programs worldwide to focus on ecology. We grant space and production support for people who are doing innovative work worldwide, across the arts and sciences. During their stay (3 weeks), participants use the hacienda grounds as a laboratory for the creative process and engaging with the local community. They are free to work whenever desired in the provided studios and anywhere in the property. Experimentation is encouraged as is discourse and collaboration.

All participants are required to be there the whole time, arriving and departing on specific dates and times. Group activities such as moderated discussions, screenings, artisanal workshops, yoga and meditation classes, and guided walks and fieldtrips to nearby towns and natural areas are often organized, depending on people’s interests. Participants are encouraged to involve the local community in their projects, and required to impart a 1 to 2 hour workshop, lecture, demonstration, or other public event free of charge through our established partnerships with local schools and youth organizations. 

Social Sculpture project by Nicholas Anastasopoulos (GREECE)


  • Application is open to professionals from all countries, cultural backgrounds and aesthetics.
  • Language requirements: English or Spanish, at least beginner level.
  • Up to 10 people per session are selected from a mix of the following disciplines:
      • Literature (Writing & Translation)
      • Performing Arts (Music, Dance, Performance, Theater, Puppetry, etc)
      • Visual Arts (Painting, Drawing, Mixed-Media, Photography, Film/Video, etc)
      • Sculpture and Installation
      • Design and Architecture
      • Humanities and Social Sciences (Anthropology, Philosophy, Sociology, etc)
      • Natural Sciences (Ecology, Hydrology, Biology, Geology, etc)

Selection Process

The selection process is both by invitation and application. Participants are selected by the Residency Director in conjunction with the Advisory Board. Priority is given to proposals that merge art and science, integrate several fields within the arts, design and technology fields, and/or propose innovative strategies to foster culture and development. Examples of such approaches include but are not limited to: land art, social practice art, eco-industrial design, green architecture, sustainable development, permaculture, agro-ecology and alternative energy technologies.

Sample Projects 


  • LIVE/WORK SPACE: Single or double occupancy bedrooms and studios, plus common areas at the hacienda, at NO COST.
  • PRODUCTION ASSISTANCE to realize one or more projects while in residency.
  • PUBLIC EXHIBITION at the Open House event on the last week of the residency.
  • DIGITAL CATALOG showcasing each participant’s work. See sample catalog here.
  • CONNECTIONS with Mexico’s cultural and academic presenters.


  • LIVING EXPENSES: All utilities, cleaning services, drinking water and three prepared meals per day at NET COST: $1,200 USD for the 3 weeks.
  • TRANSPORTATION: We do not cover any transportation expenses, but can assist you in pursuing additional funding with other sources, to cover expenses such as international flights and additional local transportation. Some funding options here:

A compilation of funding sources specific to artist residencies

A compilation of funding sources specific to artist mobility

Additional Support per Session

  • 1 PART-TIME INTERNSHIP: pay only 50% of the living expenses) in exchange of 20 hours of work per week. For participants residing in Mexico, Central America, South America or the Caribbean. Awarded based on merits and financial need. Must provide proof of residence and speak Spanish (at least beginner level). More information here.

Studio visit, Nicholas (GREECE) and Juan Luis (PERU)


WINTER SESSION: Last 3 weeks of January (yearly)
Deadline: September 15th (yearly)

SUMMER SESSION: Last 3 weeks of July (yearly)
Deadline: April 23rd (yearly)


  • NOTIFICATION OF RESULTS: 1 week after application deadline.
  • LIVING EXPENSES FEE, 50% DEPOSIT DUE: 2 months prior to residency.
  • LIVING EXPENSES FEE, BALANCE DUE a week before arrival.


Please consult our FAQ page, and If you have any other questions, contact:
Alicia Marván, Director