Ceramic installation by René Espinosa


My art project in Guapamacátaro was about ‘migration’ because this issue affects most part of families in town. I decided to make ceramics at Gustavo Bernal’s Workshop in Tlalpujahua because this material -clay- is very useful for me to work ‘identity’ and it is a beautiful and inspiring place too!…At the end, I installed my art pieces in the river near the Hacienda.


I want to find new boundaries in my art and at the same time to give importance to traditional techniques. I work between figurative and in an abstract way, because I am also interested in the links that people can make with my art pieces.


René Espinosa Hernández is from Puebla, México. He has a BFA and is currently pursuing his MFA in Visual Arts at UNAM (México). He has a strong background in printmaking and lithography, and recently started to work on clay as well. The themes on his artwork are ‘Identity’ and ‘relations between music & drawing’.