Chelsea Wills (USA)


Place, mapping, diversity, color, and slowness defined the work I created at Guapamacataro. I worked with fabric and plants during my stay, creating a series of hand-dyed eco-printed silk pieces. To explore eco-printing at Guapamacataro, I had to walk. I began with a short walk to the river surrounding the hacienda and each day I went a bit further. Each walk offered new plants and stories to work with bringing to life the biodiversity of the hacienda and the surrounding land.


The world is a place to be engaged with and there are many possibilities of how to create together. As an artist working between mediums it can look like cooking, drawing, walking, or teaching. This ability to identify and create meaning of multiple worlds is the role of the contemporary artist. It is a role that fits as comfortably (and at times as uncomfortably) as one’s own skin. And using this role as a vehicle to make sense, find meaning, and contribute to re-imagining a world, requires the use of a wide range of tools spanning from the social to the technicality of craft.


Chelsea Wills’s work has included a wide array of social practice projects, painting, writing, community organizing, oral histories, photography, teaching adults and children, book layout, print design, movement, and farming. Her work has been shown at the London Biennale (London), COMEXUS, Teatro Felipe Carillo Puerto, and Casa Hilvana (Mexico), SubRosa, Kaleidoscope, Big Umbrella Studios, (San Francisco). She has been a guest lecturer at Stanford, UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, and Cabrillo College.