Cristina Saez (SPAIN)


During my time at Guapa, I turned my own bedroom and a large studio in the house into a Camera Obscura, where I took a series of self-portraits. For the Open Studio day, I collaborated with poet Amir Rabiyah and performer Alicia Marván to create a magic “live cinema” for the people of the town. Inside the large studio room turned into a Camera Obscura, the locals marvelled at the dance performed ouside and projected upside-down inside the room, with poetry in English and Spanish and the whales’ love song.


I dream of being a photographer without a lens. I dream of passing onto the other side of the camera, not behind or in front of it, but inside, where the image lives. I dream of becoming part of the landscape, of the magic upside-down world of light that comes out of the darkness – through a small hole. So I turn my room into a camera and make it my home, my playground, where I can dream of unlimited parallel worlds in which the Real ceases to exist. ​


Cristina Sáez is a visual artist, photographer and videomaker with a concern for the relationship between humans and nature.
Born in Spain, she took up photography after graduating in Psychology and moving to London in 2001. She completed postgraduate studies in Journalism and an MA in Photography and Urban Cultures from Goldsmiths, where she later became a visiting fellow at the Centre for Visual Anthropology. She also worked as a digital photography technician and educator, facilitating outreach and community projects across London.
In the past decade she has taken part in festivals and artist residencies across Europe, in India, Morocco and Mexico and had her work published, exhibited and screened internationally.
She is represented by the gallery Gerardo Proal Galería in Mexico.