At Guapamacataro, we have a successful 14 year history of engaging and benefiting the local community in many ways. The population is of low socio-economic status, dedicated primarily to agriculture and livestock on a small scale. Although historically rich (culturally and economically), the region presents a deficiency in both sectors, due in part to migration to the United States for the past 40 years. For that same reason, the majority of the population is comprised of women and children (of 245 total in the village, 105 of them are male and 140 of them are female). Both women and children are always involved in our activities, and in 2012 we started to attract teenagers and men with activities more suited for them, such as social events, and projects involving construction and agriculture.

The main effects of our activities have been:

– Project development support for creative professionals world-wide.
– Higher living standards for the rural community of Guapamacátaro.
– Better trained youth and adults, to fully satisfy their cultural and economic needs.
– Meaningful cultural exchanges and productive relationships that bridge generational, language, and/or cultural differences.