A SENSE OF SPACE: architecture for artmaking

Over the course of the next 3 years, we are commissioning three past architecture alumni to design and build two new art studios in our center. 

Filling the need to create two additional studios at Guapamacátaro — one for two-dimensional works (architectural design, visual art and digital media), and another one for performing arts (dance, theater, music, performance art, puppetry)–, we are commissioning two architectural teams from past residents to come back and work on the initial phase of our main 2013/14 goal: to re-condition and expand our infrastructure. The 2D studio will be 400 sf, lightweight, open, portable, and the 3D will be built inside a 100-year old, 1,000 sf existing adobe wall structure.

Invited professionals will direct the creative work developed, joined by additional professionals in all fields (design, architecture, the arts, ecology, education, social and natural sciences). The project incorporates architectural design, building and restoration, ergonomics, sustainable design, landscape architecture, community engagement, health and gender studies, movement arts and interdisciplinary collaboration.


2-Dimensional Art / Architecture Studio
Jesús López and Marina Canhadas (MEXICO/BRASIL)
Somosmexas Collective / ATEA Project Space
fine art + industrial design + architecture + urbanism

Performing Arts Studio
Sameena Sitabkhan (INDIA/USA)
architecture + sustainability + community




  • Initial design concepts (remotely): Fall 2012
  • Project feasibility study: February-August 2013
  • Intensive design phase (on-site): January 3-19, 2014
  • Fundraising: February-December 2014
  • Design and construction specifications (remotely): January-August 2015
  • Construction: September-December 2015