WINTER 2020 Residency & Exhibition

Carol Padberg (Albuquerque, USA) Art, Textiles, Education Carol Padberg is an interdisciplinary artist, and the founding director of the Nomad MFA. Her art has been the subject of exhibitions at the Minneapolis Institute of the Arts, and the New Britain Museum of American Art. Projects have been featured at the Walker Art Center, MoMA, andContinue reading “WINTER 2020 Residency & Exhibition”

SUMMER 2021 Residency & Exhibition

RESIDENCY : JULY 5–25, 2021 WORKSHOPS : JULY 13, 14 & 15, 5–6:30 PM SCREENINGS : FRIDAY JULY 16, 5–6:30 PM EXHIBITION : FRIDAY JULY 23, 4–8 PM Aaron Ray (Los Angeles, USA) Performing Arts, Music, Percussion, Sound Design Aaron, artistically known as AaronRays or simply ‘raays’ is a California native, born in San Francisco. HeContinue reading “SUMMER 2021 Residency & Exhibition”

SUMMER 2019 Residency & Exhibition

This summer we delve into art through the ecological framework of the human experience. What does it mean to be ecologically balanced within ourselves – our bodies, minds and societies? Ecology refers to a “home” in balance, and the most immediate layer of a person’s home is the body/mind. This first encounter of an “environment”Continue reading “SUMMER 2019 Residency & Exhibition”

SPRING 2018 Residency & Exhibition

With Spring being one of the most amazing seasons at the Hacienda – plants beginning a new cycle of life, animal species mating everywhere, and the creative inspiration that comes with that warm breeze – we anticipate a very rewarding experience. For this inaugural session, we will be hosting 6 outstanding professionals in residency atContinue reading “SPRING 2018 Residency & Exhibition”