Unplanned Interdependencies

The residencies we sponsor act as a catalyst for creativity, as well as new relationships between participants, the surrounding environment, and our community. The culminating exhibition from our winter residency session placed special emphasis in this process. By closely examining interactions between components of the Guapamacátaro ecosystem, the artists and researchers presented an array of works that transcended historical social protocol, to foster social and environmental integration in the region.

RESIDENCY: January 3-25, 2015
EXHIBITION: Saturday January 24th, 1:00 to 6:00 pm

Iain Cameron Gunn (CANADA)
Juan Luis Zegarra Queirolo (PERU)
Laura Curry (USA)
Liliana Garcia Cuellar (MEXICO)
Liz Lessner (USA)
Nicholas Anastasopoulos (GREECE)
Roberta Petzoldt and Nana Zoe Jovanovic (HOLLAND)
Rossana Gotuzzo Vasquez (PERU)