As we step into our 10th anniversary season, we are launching the 3rd and final phase of our capital campaign!

Our goal to raise $10,000 dollars between 2014-16, is now in its final year. These funds are being allocated to infrastructure improvements of the hacienda, as we work to retrofit Guapamacátaro Center for Art and Ecology into a “green” facility, while retaining its historic integrity, which dates back to the mid 1800’s. The capital improvements identified in this campaign are on track for our facilities to become fully aligned with our mission.

We are halfway to achieving our $10,000 goal!

  • FIRST PHASE (Fall 2014): $1,880 dollars raised

Contributions were allocated towards immediate infrastructure improvements, such as floor and wall repair, bathroom fixtures, new furniture, laundry facilities, roof insulation, and improved studio lighting.

  • SECOND PHASE (Summer 2015): $3,890 dollars raised

Seed money from a private donor helped us realize many needed improvements in order to comfortably host our residents: new mattresses, pillows and linens for all 16 beds, insulated windows and doors, as well as an improved electrical system, and fresh new paint for most of the hacienda.

  • THIRD PHASE (Winter 2015) : $4,230 dollars needed

Today we are asking for your generous support towards raising the remaining funds in order to successfully complete our campaign. With your contribution, the capital improvements in this third and final phase will:

  • Replace outdated plumbing, to follow ecological standards and better process our waste waters.

  • Implement a new program of organic food production: Fruit trees, a year-round vegetable garden, and a field with “The 3 Sisters” traditional companion planting (corn, beans and squash).

  • Convert the old barn into a functioning multi-purpose room, providing much-needed space to host income-generating workshops and events.

Any amount of help is gratefully accepted! 

Please consider the experience of making a gift in someone’s name for the holidays, or treating yourself and others to a once in a lifetime stay at Guapamacátaro Center for Art and Ecology! Visit our IndieGogo crowdfunding platform to learn more, and securely make your donations.