CURATOR: Valeria Montoya

Valeria Montoya, Guest Curator Winter 2017

Our winter 2017 session was curated by interdisciplinary artist Valeria Montoya from Mexico City, who selected five artists with cultural backgrounds tied to Mexico, the United States, Puerto Rico, Portugal and Germany. Each artist approached the art and ecology theme very uniquely, with media as diverse as performance, painting, sculpture, wearables, writing and natural science.


“I situate myself between video-performance, live arts and the curatorial. I’m interested in the social process of these and their engagement with digital and mix media. Most of my work focuses on issues such as theories of affect and territory. I’ve always had great interest on how media change the way we create relations, bonds, boundaries and new ecologies for the affect.

I strongly believe that the arts have the ability to open new sense of access within the reality.

In my practice most of the time I try to connect my personal interests with the surroundings of where I’m situated. Not only as a way of being political or social, but as a feature for generating sincere curiosity on the topics that I’m interested on. I also try to trigger the ‘creative indiscipline’ as a format of critical and innovative research tool that mainly provokes open answers in form of questions.

I can’t find much difference between cultural productions as curatorial statements or simply as art, to me, both are mechanisms that promote the creative construction and transformation of reality.

Currently I’m riding the wild horses of some video art creatives at Samples-México’, an International traveling video festival and curatorial research platform.”