2017 SUMMER Residents Announced!

We are pleased to welcome 9 outstanding professionals into residency at the hacienda this Summer. Their various backgrounds in the arts and sciences will surely provide a very rich platform for new creative developments and collaborations! S E S S I O N   1 :   M A Y   1 9  –  J U N E   1 2…… Continue reading 2017 SUMMER Residents Announced!

CURATOR: Valeria Montoya

Valeria Montoya, Guest Curator Winter 2017

Our winter 2017 session was curated by interdisciplinary artist Valeria Montoya from Mexico City, who selected five artists with cultural backgrounds tied to Mexico, the United States, Puerto Rico, Portugal and Germany. Each artist approached the art and ecology theme very uniquely, with media as diverse as performance, painting, sculpture, wearables, writing and natural science.…… Continue reading CURATOR: Valeria Montoya

Fluid Bodies

Laguna del Fresno

During three weeks, artists explore their own relationships to vital resources such as land, fire, water, plants, food and communication, forging them into both established and imagined cultural representations. What began as a personal journey of curiosity gets translated into artwork that speaks of encounter, extraction, colonisation and settlement, resonating with local people’s relationship to the Guapamacátaro valley. The works embody an idyllic, almost over-simplified…… Continue reading Fluid Bodies



In 2016, we are deepening our investigation of space, place and community, dedicating the winter session to spatial design and the summer session to performance art, directed by guest curators in art and architecture. WINTER SESSION: January 8-31, 2016 FOCUS: Spatial Inquiry CURATED BY: Sameena Sitabkhan, Architect, LEED AP Using Guapamacátaro and its expanse as your lab, explore…… Continue reading 2016 GUEST CURATORS

Unplanned Interdependencies

The residencies we sponsor act as a catalyst for creativity, as well as new relationships between participants, the surrounding environment, and our community. The culminating exhibition from our winter residency session placed special emphasis in this process. By closely examining interactions between components of the Guapamacátaro ecosystem, the artists and researchers presented an array of works that transcended historical social…… Continue reading Unplanned Interdependencies