CURATOR: Valeria Montoya

Valeria Montoya, Guest Curator Winter 2017

Our winter 2017 session was curated by interdisciplinary artist Valeria Montoya from Mexico City, who selected five artists with cultural backgrounds tied to Mexico, the United States, Puerto Rico, Portugal and Germany. Each artist approached the art and ecology theme very uniquely, with media as diverse as performance, painting, sculpture, wearables, writing and natural science.…… Continue reading CURATOR: Valeria Montoya



In 2016, we are deepening our investigation of space, place and community, dedicating the winter session to spatial design and the summer session to performance art, directed by guest curators in art and architecture. WINTER SESSION: January 8-31, 2016 FOCUS: Spatial Inquiry CURATED BY: Sameena Sitabkhan, Architect, LEED AP Using Guapamacátaro and its expanse as your lab, explore…… Continue reading 2016 GUEST CURATORS

EDUCATION that nourishes mind, body and spirit

2010: beginning the intent

Karla Hernando Flores (MEXICO) gestates Los Guapos Restaurant, a project intersecting art, math, nutrition and team building amongst children in our community. The project was very successful in many levels: it integrated society, empowered kids to be creative and productive, and placed emphasis on good nutrition and health standards. To develop the project, Karla participated in 3 residency…… Continue reading EDUCATION that nourishes mind, body and spirit